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Groupi is the first map based app for sharing what you are doing with your friends, family, and followers. Parties, pickup basketball games, concerts, or even open houses quickly organize, post, and share with your group keeping them in the loop.

About the app

What is Groupi?

Groupi is a lifestyle centric social network that gets you doing more on the go! Not just more posting and endless scrolling in the feed but the ability to join and create activities with the community! Leisure, charity, fitness, recreational, Community, and Nightlife events all built into your social feed giving you the ability to not just post memories but create them as well!


Why Groupi?


Social Gathering

Discover new places, people, and activities all in your local area. Create private events and activities or post to the public to attend!


Activity Mapping

Create what’s going on around you. See what other members have posted near you or post yourself to get the word out about an event!


Ticketing Platform

Create your own e-Tickets that can be bought directly from your profile with Groupi’s payment processing, group share and ticketing system!


Group & Event Chat

Need to stay in the loop at an event? Create a group chat, communicate directly on the event discussion page to never miss a change!


Groupi Uploads

Every event turns into a memory! No, literally! Groupi gives you the ability to go into past events and upload images to an event group!


Posting Differently

Post a video, vibe, or activity to share with friends. All media sorted by type in the feed and profiles for a seamless sharing experience!


We put together a collaboration of everything you need to grow your audience and connect with them in a meaningful way without the need for 100 links

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I love the potential this new app has. Scheduling events is so easy and being able to see other events in my area is very helpful. Looking forward to using it frequently.


As an influencer and event planner, this is a game changer. Will be filtering all my social events through this app, which rewards the users and let’s guests truly see your social profile in your particular circle and industry. Love this!


Can’t wait to show this to my friends! I love this app already!!


This is really cool and love to support new apps! Easy way to create social gatherings! Can’t wait to see where it goes in the future!


Great app to meet new people and see what local events are nearby!!


It is so easy to let friends know what’s going on with your life’s activities and to have them join in on the fun. Thanks Groupi for making this possible.

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